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Three Arrows Farm is located in Flat Rock, NC.  It was started in 1981, by Dr. Fred Shealy Jr.  He started the farm with a vision of preserving this land and providing a fun and safe environment for his family to grow. The farm wasn’t named until later on, when all three children were born.  That is where the name Three Arrows came from, one arrow for each child. Wells Shealy is managing the farm today. We raise registered black angus cattle and registered Hereford cattle.  We select for superior genetics through our artificial breeding program, so that there is no need to give them any artificial growth hormones.  This also gives us the ability to keep our herd closed and keep a good genetic variance and prevent any inbreeding within the cow herd.  We rotationally graze our pastures so that the land is not over worked and provides a constant supply of good forage for our cows.  We also produce our own hay on the farm so we are not introducing any foreign weeds, or unknown chemicals into our farm.

We handle our animals as humanely as possible, and it shows.  Our animals are very friendly towards us as we give them no reason to fear us.  We give them yearly vaccinations so that they are all in good health and we don’t have any sick animals.

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