Three Arrows Cattle Company is proud to offer the following services:

Artificial Insemination for Cattle

At Three Arrows Farm we have been using artificial insemination since the 1980s to improve our herds genetics.  In doing so we are able to select for superior genetics and help us maintain our closed herd system.  Over the past 10 years we have put tremendous emphasis on improving our carcass and maternal traits, producing some of the best Angus cattle, and highest quality beef available in Western North Carolina.

Just recently we have joined forces with Southeast Select Sires to bring this service to other cattle producers in Western North Carolina.  Whether it be commercial or purebred, Select Sires offers top quality semen and bulls to help improve your farms genetics.  Contact us today for help in getting an A.I. program in place for your cattle herd.


 Freeze Branding

dsc_0043With our Freeze Branding program, we apply a super cold branding iron to the hide of the cattle, which prevents color pigment producing cells from producing colored hair. The result is white or colorless hair at the brand spot. Compared to traditional hot branding, this technique is considerably more humane for the animals, and provides a long lasting permanent identification for our cattle.321543_246191948770170_1777199250_n

We are offering our Freeze Branding service to other cattle producers in Western North Carolina, not only to protect your investment in cattle, but so that lost, dirty ear tags are a thing of the past.  For more information, please call or contact us today.